June 11th, 2014

Halloween Cat

I Think I Figured It Out

I’ve come to the conclusion that Republicans, and a great deal of the right, simply dislike (or downright hate) future generations.

* Their gun stance. If guns were a toy, they would have been recalled the moment they even came CLOSE to injuring a child (witness “Bucky Balls,” a toy marketed strictly to adults, which MIGHT have posed a threat to children if swallowed--along with any other small magnets; which led one manufacturer of such magnets to note, "I think it’s ridiculous that they want to make these magnets harder to obtain than ammunition in America"). But apparently "individual rights" are more important than the lives of children. (The Old West had stronger gun control than we do now.)

* Their stance on nutrition standards. “If kids won’t eat their veggies, it’s not up to us to force ‘em.” Um, aren’t we the adults? Yeah, cafeteria standards weren't great when I was a kid, but they at least TRIED to give us nutritious food. Just giving up and saying, "Oh, the kids aren't eating it" is, well, idiotic.

* Their view on climate change and environmental standards. After all, it’s not THEM who are going to suffer when things continue to deteriorate, only future generations. "Who cares about the future when my pocket is well-lined NOW?" Having money is much more important than worrying about the ocean rising in the next fifty years.

* Their view on equal pay and the minimum wage. Leave aside the people in this economy who are struggling with low-paying jobs; on the whole, it’s the young who have these types of positions and must get by on these low wages.

* Their view on abortion and reproductive rights: It's important for as many unwanted children as possible to be born so their lives can suck, too.

I hope Democrats are worried, and I mean REALLY worried, about that Tea Party guy who beat Eric Cantor, enough to actually get off our asses and vote in November. And the Tea Party candidate in Oklahoma who finds Old Testament laws just fine and dandy? Yeah, be afraid.

Be very afraid.