June 3rd, 2014

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Not something you see everyday

This morning as I was driving to work, I saw a truck about three hundred yards or so ahead of me, and there was a guy standing in the truck bed. "Stupid," I thought. Then the truck slowed and I started to gain on it as it turned into a driveway, and I saw that the "man" didn't move. At all.

It was a statue of a guy strapped to the truck. Hee. I don't know who it was a statue of -- as I drove past I saw he was definitely a SOMEONE (character face, balding, holding a book), but I don't know who or where it will land. But that was a neat thing to see.

There is a sculptor in the valley who makes large bronze horses -- they've been on display in various parts of the valley, but he (or she) lives up on Northern, and sometimes if you drive past the house you can see the latest work out on the front lawn before it goes to its new owner. (Years and years ago, when I drove past there regularly, I saw a beautiful horse-in-motion sculpture which later appeared in a TERRIBLE location on the corner of Indian School & Central. It stayed there a few years and then disappeared; I often wonder where it went.)

Aside: I wouldn't have expected it from a weatherman who's been in the valley as long as Sean McLaughlin has, but he just showed us footage of a huge duststorm covering Tehran, and chattered brightly about "It's one of those haboobs, just like here in the Valley!" You moron, that's why we started calling them "haboob" in the first place -- it's an Arabic word, and the Middle East is the homeland for those sorts of duststorms!

(Yes, I know it's a word that sounds silly in English, but when English doesn't HAVE a specific word for something, I'm okay with calling it something from another language. After all, don't we live in the land of arroyos, mesas, saguaros, ocotillos...)

ANYWAY... can't help but wonder at the sheer level of hatred Obama inspires in the right that even John freakin' McCain is raging against the release of an American POW, to the point they're slandering the man in order to make Obama an even greater villain.