June 2nd, 2014

Halloween Cat

Call It What It Is

YES, it's a "war on coal." Because not only is coal burning energy filthy, it's dangerous and flat-out evil. All those people struggling to maintain their "way of life" are fighting to keep jobs which result in horrible deaths, either in the mines or from crippling black lung, even now. Climb out of the damned holes, people, and up into the 21st Century. Americans who fight against the new EPA guidelines to preserve this backward "way of life" are struggling for their own demise. And then the whole, "why should we change if India and China aren't going to?" What is the median age of Americans, five? We should do what's right because we're Americans, you incomprehensible MORONS! Because American is supposed to set a good example, be in the forefront of invention and innovation, and they will FOLLOW. We lead, you imbeciles! Or at least, you like to say we're the "greatest in the world." How about we PROVE IT??!

The time to clean the air is not "later," is not "someday, maybe," it's NOW. Or really, twenty years ago, when we should have started really paying attention to the guys who'd been warning us SINCE THE 1950's.


Official temperature today: 110. Temperature according to my car's thermostat: 114.

I hate summer. We didn't used to reach temperatures like this until late June. And no rain in sight.

Oops, I closed the rant, didn't I?

Got my edition of the fully restored Enemy of the World Classic Doctor Who adventure. This was one of the ones where most of the episodes were "lost," with only one surviving (included on the "Lost in Time" DVD collection--I'd seen at least that much of it), until last year when it was recovered and restored -- Doctor Two at his best!