May 25th, 2014


Not Sure If I Still Have Much of a Brain

At least half a dozen times this last week I meant to post SOMETHING to this journal, and never once did I have the time. I'd think about things I wanted to post on my way to work, and then wind up so busy never had time to think about it any further, then be so tired and brain-dead when home I'd never remember, so never end up posting anything.

It adds to the overall "what kind of writer am I, anyway?" feeling, since I can't even keep a regular journal, much less actually write any fiction.

But on the other hand, I have been busy at work, and still apparently largely indispensable (very pleasant feeling, even if it keeps me running all day). I have decided that corporate execs receive their mail after it's been opened and organized by their team of secretaries administrative assistants, and they have determined that all mail must arrive that way, so all we have to do at our level is open the envelope and shove it in the scanner. It'll be 1-2-3 easy to organize it on the screen in images.

Except that the speed which was gained by doing mail that way turned into almost four extra days trying to index it that way.

I wish people who made these decisions actually did the job.

But we've all just thrown up our hands and said, "Okay, if you want to serve your customers that way, we'll do what you say..."

And I have to keep saying that, to try and keep stress at bay. Several times in the last few weeks I've felt my TMJ coming back (which, in me, manifests as an EARache -- my old doctor was going crazy trying to figure out what was wrong with my ears before finally sending me to an ENT specialist, who figured out what was happening). I guess I don't like being told by my boss that he WANTS me to do a crappy job.

Eagerly looking forward to vacation next month.

Behold the Catio:

Last week while watching the Preakness, I painted our front door (with thanks to ljs):

The Preakness was pretty awesome. I really, really, REALLY want to a $10,000 horse win the Triple Crown.

While I did that, Barb re-tiled our back bathroom (the one used almost exclusively by the cats), and once the tile was laid, the old crappy paint showed up, so this weekend we're painting it. It's not a perfect job, but anything would look better than it used to! Pictures of THAT when we're done.

Also today roasted a chicken out at the grill with sweet potatoes and corn. Welcome to the new season. Of course, it was, despite the "cool snap" we just had, horribly hot, so mostly I stayed inside. When I brought IN the bird, it was cooling down as the sun set and the coals were beautiful, so I wished I was just getting started with it. If I had more to grill I'd have had it out there.

The chicken came out perfectly.

I think it's been the stuff at work that's made me touchy and argumentative at home, since I have to be cooperative, cheerful, and smiling at work as I agree with enormous stupidity.

YAY, another day.