May 15th, 2014

I Know

I'm Glad I Was Warned

I read my friends list first before I posted so I was warned about the changes in LJ so I could be sure to click "change to old version" in time. Whew!

This video and story are my current favorite thing in the whole world. That for people who don't think cats love their people!

And this one, too:

In this week's season finale of Once Upon A Time, I was amused that Emma made a comment about Marty McFly to Hook and then the storyline was basically the same -- she accidentally prevented her parents from meeting and had to make sure they fell in love lest she disappear (including the stories in the book disappearing). Heh. Liked the episode. Now I have to see Frozen. I'll probably pick it up at Costco, since they have Disney DVDs on sale this month.

Now I should probably get some things done. I switched with another specialist at work so today and tomorrow I have to work the late shift.