May 1st, 2014


May Day

Hope it's a lovely May Day/Beltane/Walpurgisnacht, whatever you celebrate. When I was a little girl, I always tried to bring Mom flowers on May Day. Alas, mine begins blighted by sinuses from hell (and I know many of you suffer likewise, so enjoy what you can), but fortunately it doesn't feel like I'm really getting anything, just generally over-dry from the Benadryl last night, a little sleepy from a busy week, and sore because my body sucks. But I creep closer to being in better shape again.

Gad, the weather in the rest of the country! All we've gotten down here is wind (and without any rain at all, that probably accounts for a lot of the sinus problems). Even with the promised storming last weekend we just got a spatter of rain, not even enough to wash the dust off the cars (just get them generally dirtier).

And I heard on NPR yesterday that the drought is going to adversely affect the California rice crop this year -- there goes the price of sticky if sushi wasn't expensive enough already.

Enjoy some dog & cat fun:


It Bears Repeating

Okay, people.

"Freedom of Speech" does not mean you are free to go around spewing your hate-filled garbage everyplace without consequences. All it means is that the government cannot arrest you for it. HOWEVER, if people are offended and boycott your business, or have you fired, or petition for your removal from your position, that is THEIR right, and THEIR freedom of speech. As long as THEY do not break the law, they are as free to take offense at your words as you are free to say them.

That's why "watch what you say" is important. You are indeed free, politically, to say anything you like.

But you are NOT free from the consequences of those actions.