April 6th, 2014

Halloween Cat

Just Once

I'd like to wake up and not feel like ten miles of bad road. My hip's been bothering me again and because it throws off my gait, it makes my knee and foot hurt, too. It's more annoying than debilitating, and because I HAVE had it checked and x-rayed and there's NOTHING WRONG WITH IT, I just power through.

What I need to do is more yoga. That does help.

Up early yesterday and today. Went out Friday night to take Barb out for her birthday, spent far too much on delicious sushi (totally worth it), then watched Gravity and were very, very sorry we had missed it in the theatres (we TRIED, but something always came up, and then it was gone). Amazing picture.

Yesterday went to Home Depot to get more stuff to try and organize the house -- they didn't have the little front-porch shed/storage bin I was looking for, and I came home and checked around online... Amazon has one I like, for the "Prime Price" of $149... oddly, despite saying that "list price" was $205, when I looked at Ace Hardware and the Home Depot sites, they both listed it also for $149. Prime price, my ass. (Plus, since Amazon didn't sell it directly, there was a "4 to 6 week delivery time," whereas if I got it at the Ace site, I could pick it up in-store in seven days.) But I'm still gonna look around and see if I can find something, since it's not EXACTLY what I want, it's just close.

Laundry is mostly done, the bed is airing -- we have come to the conclusion that a very expensive pillow-top mattress is not worth the investment; since you can't flip it, the pillow top DOES start to depress after a while, and in a MUCH shorter time than one might imagine. It started to go a couple years back, but we couldn't justify getting a new mattress after only five years -- but now we've had it long enough, I think, and I can't help but wonder if it's part of my back problems.

I seem to have totally forgotten how to write. It's like there's nothing there anymore. Some writer I am. :P