April 3rd, 2014

Halloween Cat

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Corporate Mentality

And so.

Having finally settled into the consolidation and getting things up and running smoothly, more consolidation is on the horizon, and most of us feel like Corporate just smiled at all our suggestions for improvements, patted us on the head, and said "Thanks," while doing SOMETHING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT.

So another massive change, but they are assuring us that our jobs are safe and everything will be busy busy and all will be well.

But it doesn't make anyone feel better, especially after having spent so much time training people to be good employees, only to be told we're basically "shove paper in the scanner" monkeys with no reason to think further than that.

Things may, of course, end up better than that, but that's how it FEELS right now.

I'm just trying to keep calm and not eat a bag full of Easter candy.
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