March 6th, 2014

Doctor Eleven

Dogs and Cats Living Together

This happens in our house a lot:

Tonight I made a sour cherry sauce for baked chicken and it was amazingly delicious. Must do more with sour cherries.

My brain hasn't been working right lately. I don't think I'm getting enough sleep, and I'm definitely not getting enough exercise. Once we know what's going on with Barb's job, I think I'll re-join the gym and this time MAKE the time, dammit. I definitely feel better when I work out even semi-regularly.

The importance of drinking lots of water: Everyone always says "stay hydrated," but a woman at work who has never been a heavy water drinker (and always told me she was amazed I could drink so much water, and she could NEVER do it because she'd "spend all day in the bathroom") has just come back to work after three weeks out with kidney stone surgery. On the whole, I think I prefer a few extra trips to the bathroom...