February 23rd, 2014

Halloween Cat

Childhood Memories and Arizona Still Sucks

Today we were working on finishing the job in the back yard, I was loading things into the truck and heard engines. I looked up and saw a phalanx of seven biplanes flying in a formation toward the southwest. I squealed with delight and jumped up and down -- then about fifteen or twenty minutes later, they came back again, heading to the northeast.

My father was a stunt pilot (occasionally billed as "the greatest unknown stunt pilot in the world") and my childhood was often filled with airshows and sights like that. A biplane in flight gives me such tremendous joy -- I bounced up and down and squealed again, watching the planes until they were out of sight. They didn't come back again; I guessed from the trajectory they were coming from (and returning to) the Scottsdale Air Park.

I thought about the Air Park because yesterday I'd been up in that area to go to my accountant's office for the yearly ritual called appeasing the IRS. Now, since the Feds have agreed that since we're legally married in SOME states (although not Federally and not in our own), we MUST file "married." But since Arizona specifically does NOT recognize our marriage, we have to include in our Arizona returns a secondary form which explains why our Federal forms show "married filing jointly" and our Arizona forms show "single." This form was not available in my accountant's new software, although there was a preliminary form in his old software (and we turned out to be the first same-sex couple he'd had to file, so he was pleased for the puzzle), and because of the Arizona form, we could not file our state taxes electronically, so those we have to mail.

It took nearly an hour and a half to do my taxes, when normally it takes about twenty minutes (including the filing, payments, and pleasantries). So anyone who says there's no "real problems" facing same-sex couples? Sheesh. We may also go through the whole name-changing thing, just because it makes it easier when we have the same last name (that was one of the stumbling blocks my accountant kept hitting).

But on the whole, this weekend has been extremely productive, if wearying. Hammering and carrying and hauling and cleaning and firing up the BBQ and opening the Tiki Bar (the gift works great, nutmeg3!)...spent most of the afternoon exhausted and sore. Watched Doctor Four in The Stones of Blood.