February 21st, 2014

Halloween Cat

I'm Mad As Hell

I had been following the hoopla in Kansas over their discriminate against teh gay "religious freedom" bill, and totally missed the Arizona legislature PASSING the same damned bill. Now it's on the way to our uptight red state governor, who will likely sign it, and I AM FURIOUS. I actually sat down and wrote a PAPER letter to the gov, because I know paper letters might make a bigger impression than all the emails and online petitions there are.

I kept it to one page, and wrote:

House Bill 2153 (SB 1062) states on its surface that it wishes to “protect the First Amendment”; however, I believe this is a gloss to cover something horrible and truly evil, something which could weaken not only the First Amendment, but the entire American Constitution. People who hate so deeply, so strongly, that they are willing to legislate that hate into our laws are frightening. And they cannot, will not stop with only those whose sexual preference is different from their own.

What if I were a “deeply religious” business owner who did not wish to serve Muslims? Or Jews? Or those whose skin was a different color from my own? Would this be permitted? If this horrible legislation is passed, there is no reason why it would not be perfectly legal, no matter how they’re window dressing it. A business owner is already permitted to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason they feel is legitimate—but they must be prepared to take the consequences if the person they’re refusing feels discriminated against.

The bottom line is this is making discrimination against a minority legal. Hanging lovely pictures of the First Amendment and “religious freedom” all over it does not hide that fact.

I have thought of numerous other things I'd love to say -- but I kept it as short and to-the-point as I could.

But don't all business owners have the "right" to refuse service to anyone for any reason already? And then don't the people turned away have a right to in turn sue the pants off them for that discrimination???