February 4th, 2014

Halloween Cat

My tweets

  • Mon, 14:52: Dear TSA: Your "necessary search" people are invasive and sloppy. My things were pawed over and heaped back into my case. Thanks SO much.
  • Mon, 14:52: For my safety. I apparently have freely handed over my civil rights for it, so it better FREAKING be worth it.
  • Mon, 17:49: I agree! Ron & Hermione belonged together. If anything, it was Harry/Ginny that "lacked credibility." http://t.co/F6Daz9Z2Nz via @slate
  • Mon, 18:43: Suddenly Twitter layout is different...
  • Mon, 19:07: 4 of 5 stars to Cat in an Alien X-Ray by Carole Nelson Douglas http://t.co/SFwTr4sjuJ
  • Mon, 19:27: I need Amazon to have a "you've already bought that book, do you really want it again?" notice when I place an order.
  • Mon, 20:24: Why does Molly stay with Mike? She's worth a billion of him.