January 23rd, 2014


My Mouf is Numb

No great traumas at the dentist. I had to wait about fifteen minutes before going in, and was still out in about an hour. I like the doctor, he's very good at listening to me and he's pleasant. They were apologizing like crazy because it was a little, hard-to-reach cavity at the gumline of my very back tooth, so there was a lot of twisting and trying to get there, but it was all taken care of. Then he says, "Feel that with your tongue and make sure there are no rough edges." "Um, Doc? I can't FEEL anything with my tongue!" And still can't, much, two hours later. I did manage to eat dinner without biting my lower lip, which feels huge on my face (and drinking is interesting, since I can't feel the rim of the glass).

It's funny that my lip is so numb, since feeling is coming back in the area where the shot actually went IN.

Pretty freakin' awesome. Yeah, I like morbid things.

I need to actually make some of the recipes I've been collecting over the years... I may do some cookin' this weekend.

I also want to take some time and clean out my desk. And closet. And the back shed. (Filled with ambition, just lacking in time and energy.)