January 21st, 2014

Halloween Cat


For some reason Tivo did not record the season finale of Sleepy Hollow!!!! ARGH. There's ONE major problem with relying on technology instead of watching everything live.

Of course, it may be because my poor old two-channel Tivo struggles under the might of Monday nights, anyway.

What we did watch last night was Masterpiece's broadcast of S3 E1 of Sherlock, which was, I think, my favorite episode so far. I enjoyed it tremendously (and didn't blame John in the least... and I like Mary, too). It was fun.

I have had a mild/slightly-more-than-mild headache most of the afternoon, of the sort that makes me feel vaguely nauseous. Blah. I hope a little dinner helps some. My neck and shoulders have tightened up again, making me wonder if I can swing the price of Massage Envy again (I stopped it when I bought Idris, to help make the car payment).

I have found that everyone on my friends' list has been making long, interesting posts which I have found myself needing to skim the last few days because of the late shift schedule (and I forgot what I was doing this weekend, but I actually wasn't on the computer much); if I didn't comment on a post, I still may have read it, just didn't have a chance to say anything. (Basically, if anyone said anything they think I might have been interested in, let me know and I'll check!)

I'm desperately tired today anyway; I have found that since my illness, I haven't been able to sleep well without some kind of assistance (it went from cold medication to plain ol' Benadryl, which the nurse-practitioner at the clinic recommended to keep my sinuses dry); last night I didn't take anything and I lay awake for a few hours, slept fitfully, woke several times, got up to go to the bathroom at least three times, etc. Blah, again. I may break down and take something tonight, but I don't know about tomorrow, since on Thursday I have to work the early shift because I have a dentist's appointment on Thursday... and for the first time in my life, I actually find myself looking forward to having a cavity worked on, because it's hurt quite a bit off and on since my dentist first pointed it out. (Plus, I actually like my new dentist -- they actually seem to listen to me and are very good with me, finally starting to ease my life-long terror of dentists...)

And of course tonight's NCIS is a repeat. Figures. I could easily have watched Sleepy Hollow.

Speaking of television, I'm glad I stuck with Dracula. I still don't think it's great, by any means, but they have the best version of Renfield EVER filmed.

Okay, I should do something while I eat my frozen pizza (it's Totino's!). We're livin' large.