January 14th, 2014

Halloween Cat

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This is what I need. People send me amazing, marvelous links to publishing houses and I say, "I need to get my novel in shape," but you know, if I had DONE THAT months ago, I wouldn't have to keep saying it... *headdesk*

So what HAVE I been doing? Playing a lot of "Bejeweled" and Microsoft Solitaire (really, Windows 8 does come with a LOT of interesting games, even if they do badger you endlessly about signing in on your X-Box... which I do not HAVE...). I started this week getting a jump on my writer's group critiques, and between each story, I go back to playing games.

I also read a lot of Twitter (and damn it, Facebook. I realized I wasted a WHOLE EVENING reading links from Facebook. Curse George Takei and Viral Nova! (Seriously, Viral Nova is awesome. It's like crack, only more dangerous-- check this one and this one... and that was just today). These are pretty awesome, too.

I don't want to turn into one of those annoying fans that can't let go of the last Doctor and embrace the new, but seriously, we haven't even seen 12 in costume yet, much less in action. And I'm still smarting from the loss of 11. I'll get there eventually.