July 4th, 2013

Halloween Cat


Happy 4th, y'all.

I am trying to relax. My shoulders/neck had gotten so tense for some reason this week that I could barely move yesterday -- and I couldn't for the life of me tell you why, but yesterday at work while I was working at the computer, it was becoming a trial keeping my head erect.

My wife informs me I need to stop playing MineCraft. She may have a point. I TRIED not to play last night, I really did...

The worst thing is, when I'm away from the computer, my brain is writing; when I sit down to write, nothing. Therefore, I play MineCraft.

So I'm just lazing around here -- I have a load of sheets in the washer and the oven is self-cleaning, and later I'm considering making an angelfood cake to go with the blueberries and strawberries, a very patriotic dessert. We're just grilling some burgers later, then maybe heading out to see fireworks, although the high today is going to be 110 again; still, somehow it's been managing to "cool down" overnight, sometimes dipping all the way into the 80's. The promised "cool down" doesn't look like it's going to happen this weekend, though; the projected highs for Saturday have come up from 105 to 108 or 109 (again, depending on which station you're watching -- I saw the projected high for today at 110 on channel 10, and 112 on channel 5).

I'm watching BBCA's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" marathon (I'm not sure why BBCA shows ST:TNG, but hey, what can you say) -- it amuses me to see them using what are essentially iPads on an episode made in 1989. (I noted that when I re-watched ST:DS9 a year or so ago.) Makes me wonder if Steve Jobs was watching this when he "invented" the iPad...

And hey, Baby Wil Wheaton!

Great pictures, kinda sad story. This, too, must pass. America's too busy spying on her own citizens and worrying about potential terrorists to worry about being in the space race anymore.

On that topic...

After paying all my bills and for some groceries this last weekend, I find I have about $20 cash left. Yikes. Another week to the next payday--although that, too, is pretty much all spoken for. Since we haven't decided what to do with the truck, and we still HAVE it, I have to take it down and see how much it really will cost to fix, because her tags are due this month, and I won't have an un-registered vehicle parked on my lawn. I'm redneck enough. (And I don't want a nastygram from the City.) If it's affordable, we'll do it; if not, I may have to finally break ties.

Have a happy and a safe day!
I Know

I'm Going to Miss Doctor 11

I just wanted to keep this one.

I was looking at Netflix, thinking to check and see if Being Human Series 4 (UK) was available yet, since Series 5 starts on BBCA this weekend, but I stumbled across Red Dwarf, which I haven't seen in a VERY long time, so I started watching S1 again... and whoa, hard to believe this was being produced the EXACT SAME YEAR as the Star Trek:TNG episodes I had just been watching!!! (And Rory's dad, Mark Williams, is a member of the doomed crew of the Red Dwarf! My goodness, he's just a sprout!)

YAY for Today!

How much do I love having a day off in the middle of the week?

I am SO FULL of a delicious turkey burger (on whole grain roll w/bbq sauce, tomato, and onion), a corn-on-the-cob, and a bowl full of berries on a slab of angelfood cake w/a HUGE glop of fresh whipped cream, with a glass of nice Trader Joe's chardonnay. AH....

Now we're watching 1776, the best 4th of July movie ever made. (My opinion, as well as PURE FACT.)

One problem with HD TV -- this is the first time I've ever really noticed the views outside all the windows are, in fact, paintings (not that this surprises me, it's just the first time I've NOTICED).

It amazes and astonishes and always, always floors me that people accomplished what they did in these times with no air conditioning, wearing wool clothing from neck to ankles, with quill pens by candlelight.

We're so freaking weak and pampered. (And they usually did all this before the age of 40. If not sooner.)

Trader Joe's chardonnay comes in a box, and seriously, it's really good.

Because Wine

I am thoroughly relaxed now.

This is good.

We were going to go out to see fireworks, but decided it was still too freakin' hot (107F at 9:30 pm), so we're watching the Capitol Fourth and chillin' here at home. I have had a few glasses of aforesaid chardonnay and am feeling little pain (neck and shoulders still a little tight, but MUCH better), but very relaxed.

My mom called and recommended The Capital Fourth, broadcast on PBS from D.C. -- and it IS very good. Barry Manilow looks and sounds fantastic (I heard him on the Diane Rehm show on Friday, too), and Neil Diamond sounds AMAZING, better than he did just a few years ago. I have always been a little wacky about both of them, although Neil Diamond to the point where I was going to us "Kathleen Diamond" as my nom de plume as a writer. Really, I was. (I still might, if I ever got published... nightmaresaloon)

The folks in D.C. do know how to time their fireworks show to Barry's music. It was something he mentioned when he was talking to Diane Rehm on Friday morning on her show. (Sure, when you see him up close, you can tell he's had work done... but so what? He still sounds great... and it's neat that's it's okay to say you're a Barry Manilow fan now. I remember when that was like saying you liked kicking puppies....)