May 17th, 2013

Halloween Cat

Kaloo Kalay

Our office has provided us free WiFi apart from the office Intranet (where I can not tread past the flamey, flamey firewalls.


Not that I can sit on the computer all day -- now I'm at lunch, sitting in the breakroom and listening to CNN discuss OJ Simpson, like it's the 1990's or something. (Don't even ask what it's like to live in Arizona, where the Jodi Arias trial consumes not only CNN and national news, but also all the local newscasts...)

Speaking of our great state, just as they do something stupid, like passing that vile anti-everyone "in the name of religious freedom" bill, but then suddenly John McCain actually sponsors something I DO agree with, the "cable freedom" bill -- our bundled cable/phone/internet bill has gotten so high for the first time in more than 20 years I'm actually considering getting rid of cable. The only thing I absolutely NEED on cable is BBCA, and I'm sure there's ways to get the shows I watch there. I already have NetFlix streaming, and almost everything else would be on free TV (don't even need a converter box, we have an HD TV). Don't know if I'd need Amazon Prime, but maybe. It would be a pain losing BBCA, but geez louise, I had to buy like fifteen channels I DON'T watch just for that, so if they could force cable companies to allow us to just get the channels we want... So, for a change, "yay, McCain."

It's been a very busy week. We've been on All Overtime, All The Time again, which is nice for the paycheck, but I'm tired as hell and my arm/shoulder are hurting again. Barb and I joke about it, but sometimes the thought of an actual hot tub just sounds so very nice.

So why is it when the previous administration was obfuscating, hiding, committing atrocities, and generally behaving extremely badly, not a single Republican stood up and said anything, and shouted down Democrats who did; and now, when there are indeed shenanigans going on that need investigation, they're coming out of the woodwork to hang the current administration? Seems to me there's a teeny, tiny little double standard going on here...

I have been very good the last week or so, and lost a few more pounds (although I note the importance of exercise -- the last time I weighed this much, I could still squeeze into my size-8 jeans; now, not having a serious workout 3-4 times a week, I am firmly in a size-12); but I am so jonesing for something (anything!) bad -- waffles or bagels or candy or something with a whole lotta empty carbs...

I got my checkup this week and while I do have another old filling that needs to be replaced, once again it was a big A+. Which makes me wish I had been smarter when I was younger and took care of my teeth then, maybe I would have fewer fillings NOW... (along with that whole "exercise" thing).