May 8th, 2013

Halloween Cat

My Left Foot

And my right one, too, for that matter -- both of them generally suck. Because of that toe problem, I'm trying out wearing sandals all the time, and honestly? I don't just collect socks because they're nifty, I have a HARD time finding shoes I can wear without socks, and I will NOT wear socks with sandals (I haven't gotten THAT old). But with three new pairs of sandals have put blisters in a number of places, including a really nasty deep blister caused by foolishly wearing brand-new Birkenstocks on a two-mile walk the first time I wore them. This because I remembered the awesomeness of Birks from my college years, and I haven't had a walking pair in a long time, and they were SO COMFY when I put them on, I forgot about the breaking-in period.

So, Birkenstocks and the "Shape-Ups" Skechers seem to be the only shoes I can now wear that provide enough support to keep the ball of my foot from hurting, and some of the swelling on the toe seems to have gone down, which has led me to wonder about the "hammer toe" thing, because it doesn't look like or act like any of the symptoms I've seen online, and I suppose I should ask my doctor if she can recommend a good podiatrist so I can have it properly diagnosed and see if there's actually anything more I can do about it other than splints while I'm sitting down and open-toed, wide shoes when I'm walking on them.

And the bunions I had removed are coming right back again; hell, the right foot already looks almost like it did when I had the surgery.

It's been a busy week; I took off early on Monday so we could sign the paperwork for the house refinance, and it took far longer than I thought it would, so I forgot to get to the post office to mail Mom her Mother's Day present, and then I didn't have a chance to read email or LJ because Barb and I decided to celebrate by going out to see Iron Man 3. TOTALLY ROCKS. And really worth sitting through the credits for the final scene.

Then came home to find out the cooling coil in the truck is leaking into the cab -- last time this happened, it cost a LOT in labor because they have to remove the engine to access the coil (and that may have been with my old truck, which means about 20 years or more, which means it's no doubt far MORE expensive than it was then). So we got her home and she's tucked up in her old spot, when and if I can afford to fix her. I suppose this would have happened anyway, eventually, but there was a reason I bought a new car and put her out to pasture.

So I never got a chance to so much as look at my email or LJ or anything, so I spent all of Tuesday catching up on THAT. And am only just now getting to THIS, and watching my shows from the last three days. ARGH.

Work is making me tense, although I will say it's none of the people I actually share an office with -- it's members of our "virtual" team in Atlanta and Dallas who are making me tense. The people who are here actually respect my experience and want my suggestions, instead of doing something which is actively harmful to our business partners while at the same time calling it "remarkable customer service." (Filled with annoyance regarding corporate thinking.) I had to take several deep breaths several times today.

Tense. I am tense, and tired, and I tore the fingernail of my pinky too close and now it's infected and hurts, especially since it's the pinky I use to press the shift key.

There is some good: we finally finished making the grape arbor in the back, and bought some more plants, and generally had a pretty great day on Saturday.