February 8th, 2013

Happy New Year

Musings and Mutterings

I do have a cold. And it's one of those annoying colds when you feel tired and vaguely incorrect, but not really bad enough to stay home or anything, so I dragged to work this morning and yesterday and got through the days. I had some meetings I really couldn't miss, and was actually glad to have done so, since I got my ego stroked some more by not only my new supervisor (who specifically asked I be put on her team!) but also our big boss, who was down from Corporate on a visit, who applauded my high performance scores and agreed with them (making me hopeful for the actual promotion now).

This weekend is the Chinese Festival at the COFCO Center (Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix); I'm hoping we can go wander around a little and maybe have a Chinese treat or two -- since the Golden Buddha closed there's not a big restaurant there anymore, but I think there's a few places to eat and the big Asian grocery. Of course, every time I have frozen Dim Sum I want to go get the real thing. And then I was using my Buddha Board to try out my (very bad) calligraphy, to teach myself the correct symbols: 恭禧發財

I found a site that gives the correct pronunciation, but the voice speaks very quickly so I play it over and over again.

I tell myself it's the Year of the Snake, which means the Diamondbacks are going to the World Series (hey, I can dream, right?).