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First thing: Happy belated birthday to kehf! I meant to post day before yesterday, but as we can all see, I didn't.

I expected things to get back to normal around here, but the word "normal" is misleading. I'm still two weeks behind, more or less, on Tivo. I haven't gotten all my earrings and necklaces hung back up. There are many memes I haven't played with yet (I want to!). I haven't finished with my critiques for this month (which were due on the 15th -- man, I'm late). I haven't done any reviews because I haven't uploaded my iPod since the Reception. I barely keep up with the friends' list. The election is less than a week away. Halloween is Friday. The house is more or less clean and everything's more or less put away but I can't find anything. I SIGNED UP FOR NANOWRIMO AND I'LL BE ON VACATION FROM NOVEMBER 13 - 23!!!


I haven't gotten back to the gym, mostly, I think, because I'm catching up on sleep. I only gained a few pounds over the hectic wedding week, but still, I GAINED. That must end.

Is it just me, or is McCain deeply patronizing when he talks?

My marriage has not ended society as we know it. I got a "Congratulations" note from the Executive VP of our Region (he goes to my gym and is gay himself; nice guy).

Likewise, the world will not end when Doctor Ten regenerates into Eleven (depending on who they cast), which, I understand, will happen at the end of the 2009 "mini-season." I was actually expecting he'd leave then. It was a good run, I think; I'm eager to see the next regeneration and new show-runner.

One meme I did have time for:

Your result for The TV Addict Test...


You scored 61 TV Obsession points out of 75!

You are a True Fan. TV is your life. Wave that freak flag for all to see, and email me when you're ready for an SG-1 marathon or that Trek convention. Seriously. In D&D terms, you took the Prestige Class: TV Fangirl/boy. We'd probably be great friends. Let's compare tv lists!

You will probably like: Wonder Showzen, Carnivale, and Dead Like Me.

If you're curious about the pictures, send me a message!

Take The TV Addict Test at HelloQuizzy

Not surprising. In fact, I DID like Carnivale and I own Dead Like Me. I may have to look up Wonder Showzen, since I have never heard of it. I only couldn't name three of the pictures (maybe four, if I'm wrong about the last one). (Heck, I'd probably be worse if I had more money... I'd own more series on DVD and a four-channel Tivo, for one thing...) I think the only reason I didn't answer "anything and everything" is because I will not watch 98% of "reality" shows. The summer is now when I catch up on DVDs.

I should go to bed now. ARGH. Why aren't days longer? Why do I need to sleep? (And go to work?) HOW DO OTHER PEOPLE DO IT?


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Oct. 30th, 2008 11:52 am (UTC)
[hugs hugs hugs] That's just in general. :-))
Oct. 31st, 2008 02:23 am (UTC)
I loved that meme, and I recognized all but a few pictures, too. And as for your marriage ending society...I dunno. You could be the secret cause of the entire financial crisis, LOL!
Oct. 31st, 2008 04:37 am (UTC)
My gosh, you're right! Gay marriage caused the housing bubble! All those newly-married gays moving out to the country and paying too much for big houses! *Craig Ferguson trademarked slyboots expression*

Me & TV = OTP. Yes, indeed.

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