September 24th, 2012

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Gakked from shipperx:

Bold the ones you have and use at least once a year, italicize the ones you have and don't use, strike through the ones you have had but got rid of.

pasta machines <-- never had
juicers <-- never had
deep fat fryer <--although it's also a stock pot, and I use it more as such
egg boilers <--don't have one now, but plan on getting one
melon baller
pastry brush
cheese boards
cheese knives
crepe makers <-- never had
electric woks <-- never had, but need a plain wok to replace an old one, non-electric
salad spinners
griddle pan
jam funnels <-- will probably inherit one from Barb's mom, unless she gave it to Barb's sister
pie funnels <-- not even sure what that is
meat thermometer
filleting knife
egg poachers <-- I tend to use the microwave, but if I get the egg boiler, then...
cake stand <-- I want one
garlic crushers
martini glasses <-- never had
tea strainers
bamboo steamer
pizza stones <-- it broke; I want a new one
coffee grinder <-- we don't drink coffee; I occasionally think of getting one for spices
milk frother <-- never had one
piping bag <-- I don't do as much decorating as I'd hoped...
banana stands <-- never had one
fluted pastry wheels <-- never had 'em
tagine dishes <-- mostly because I haven't gotten to the correct grocery store to buy the proper ingredients
conical strainer <-- See jam funnels, above
rice cookers <-- we call this a 3-quart "sauce pan"
steam cookers
pressure cooker <-- Mom did, but I never have
slow cooker
spaetzle makers <-- never had one
cookie presses <-- in fact, we have two
gravy strainers <-- I use a sieve, if I need to strain it
double boiler
sukiyaki stoves <-- nope
ice cream maker <-- mostly 'cause there's no room in the freezer for it
fondue sets
home smoker <-- I use the Weber, but want a real smoker
tempura sets <-- nope
tortilla presses <-- nope
electric whisks <-- nope (an electric beater???)
cherry stoners
sugar thermometer
food processor
stand mixer
bacon presser <-- sadly, I want one
bacon slicers <-- nope
mouli mills
cake testers <-- toothpicks
gratin dishes <-- nope
apple corers
mango stoners <-- nope
sets of kebab skewers
Potato ricer <-- although we use it for other things mostly
Pineapple peeler and slicer <-- nope
Lazy Susan
Soda Stream
Lemon zester
salt pepper mills
espresso maker <-- we don't drink coffee
Waffle irons
electric skillet <-- I want one, but we really don't have the space
toaster oven</strike>
microwave oven
electric kettle <-- never had one
coffee maker <-- don't drink coffee
can openers – mechanical or electrical
stick hand blender

They need to add something for the "never owned one."

Yesterday I was reading the week's worth of New York Times articles that interested me, and discovered the actress who plays Amy Farrah-Fowler on The Big Bang Theory used to be Blossom. I never connected her in my mind. Of course, I was also on my third view through last week's Doctor Who and still had to find out on IMDB that Isaac was played by Ben Browder. Usually I'm pretty good at recognizing celebrity...