September 22nd, 2012

Favorite Doctor

Happy Hobbit Day

By some serendipitous twist of fate, I finished a re-read of The Hobbit on Thursday and started re-reading The Lord of the Rings on Friday, just in time for Frodo and Bilbo's birthday today. It had been so long since I read The Hobbit it was like a brand-new book in some spots. Although it did make me wonder how in God's name Peter Jackson plans to make it into a freaking TRILOGY when he crammed the entire Lord of the Rings into three movies. I thought it was going to be just one movie, but when I heard "the Hobbit trilogy" it boggled my mind. How the money rolls in, eh?

Well, today was fraught, and I am for the first time contemplating taking down a journal post, which is something I've never done before -- after all, the whole point of this journal is to document my life, and keep it in sequence, all the things that happened, good and bad. But... (please see rahirah's journal).

Anyway, so it goes. It feels depressing around here now. The cats seem happy, though.

This article made me very happy. For any man who thinks liking cats is "girly," I offer Ernest Fucking Hemingway.

This has been making the rounds, and I want to make one!!!

Plenty of wonderful Pond goodness in this week's Doctor Who, and a big ol' happy squee for Kate (Lethbridge) Stewart -- just gave me a wonderful sniffle of gladness.

So, why won't anyone tell me what the deal is between S3 and S4 of Eureka?