September 15th, 2012

Easter Island

Felix the Dog

Introducing Felix:

Busy fellow playing alongside tuckered big brother Bo:

Facing off against new companion (surprisingly aggressive Cairo) -- "Moms! It has thorns!"

In Bo's box (although he has his own):

He lurves Bo:

Yes, he is sitting right ON Bo -- I tried to get a better shot of this (it was hilarious), but he is constantly in motion, being still quite puppy-ish. We figure once he's all settled and realizing he's not going to be foisted off on another foster home, he'll relax some. But he and Bo get on like gangbusters, which is cool, and he's got a nice mild temperament, although he will jump for any food he perceives you are holding (including my camera--dog slobber on the lens needed to be cleaned before photos could be taken--and he snatched my roll of yarn right off my lap and took off with it lickety-split! We got it back before any unraveling could take place).

Oddly, it's Churro who's been hiding under the bed all day. Cairo keeps coming out to tell Felix what's what around here. There is already a suspicious scratch on Felix's nose.