September 13th, 2012


A Few Things I Do

So I've probably been tapped to lead the new Quality Control Initiative which has been piloted in East and Central and will soon be rolled out here in West -- so next month I will travel to Dallas to check out Central's shop and what they're doing. I will be there a week, the second week of October, and at least I checked out ahead of time that there IS free WiFi in the hotel.

I don't think anyone I know or what to see is actually in the Dallas area, and Austin is too far away, so I expect I'll spend most evenings doing much what I do here, watching TV and playing on the Internet.

What I'm hoping is that this will finally give me the actual promotion that will move my pay grade to suit the amount of work I'm already doing.

It has finally stopped storming (although there was another "popup" storm last night that blew roofs off up at 3rd and Bell), and there's no more puddles in the yard, but there is black mold EVERYWHERE. Ugh. How do you folks who live in regularly humid climes deal with this?