September 8th, 2012


How in the World...

Did I manage to spend all my money already, when I got paid yesterday? And it was a pretty good check, too. Phooey.

But we ended up having to get a new vacuum, because our old one has proved to be unfixable -- this because apparently the inside machinery and workings were all full of mold and mildew, the "wet" having destroyed the workings. "How did this happen?" we pondered, and then I realized as I looked over the offending filters -- when we cleaned up the flour, we put it out on the back porch to clean it out (so we wouldn't get flour back all over the house), and IT RAINED. Never even occurred to me how wet it got. DUH. So I took the money slated for the repairs and we bought a Hoover, because we couldn't afford the vacuum we said we'd get when the old one wore out, a Dyson.

Then we went over to the Asian Ranch Market and somehow spent around a hundred dollars on dim sum, pork buns, and incidentals (jackfruit, a lovely delicacy, is heavy and HUGE and sold by the pound). We had to restock some canned food items, noodles, and I got myself some fresh Shitake mushrooms. Nom.

We also went out to meet a dog. He and Bo seemed to get along well, although their level of disinterest in each other was rather surprising. We are considering adopting him, though, because he seems to have as good a temperment as Bo, he's grown up with cats, and Bo needs a friend -- hopefully they WILL be friends.

It was a fast-moving day, though. I'm not sure where it all went, even having gotten up early. Didn't get much of anything done.

Watching Sand Sharks on SyFy. This movie is... astoundingly bad.