August 19th, 2012

Halloween Cat

Things I Did This Weekend

Saturday we wandered out to drop off the boxes at Goodwill and the vacuum cleaner at the shop, then decided to try again for the Quest for Walking Sandals for Barb. I came out of there with sandals, some more sneakers (apparently I am Ellen Degeneres), and for some reason a pair of blue velvety-suede wedge/heels right out of 1979 because apparently I needed them for something. Then to Famous Footwear to find a pair of the good walking sandals I actually NEEDED. (Ended up with the Naturalizers -- they're quite nice, although there were several pair I really liked.)

The fried chicken and chocolate pound cake came out REALLY well. I followed Alton Brown's fried chicken recipe, and yes, the skin came out dark (really looked burned), but it was delicious.

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Today we did Mom's shopping and finished the laundry, and little else. I managed to write a whole paragraph on the ghost story that is finished and lovely in my head and refuses to be transcribed to the paper/screen. So I play Fallen London and watch Eureka.

I never watched it while it was on, although I knew many people who liked it -- so when I was poking around my Netflix streaming, there it was, and I started. Can't stop now, it's like popcorn. Uber cool show!