January 18th, 2012

Halloween Cat

Pointless Things I Think Of

So, if the main kids on Glee are seniors this year, that means they were sophomores the year it started. This means Quinn was Head Cheerleader and Finn was Quarterback AS sophomores. Okay, I already suspend a great deal of belief when watching this show, but a sophomore head cheerleader?

Today I discovered there's a Donna Noble working in our Underwriting department. Hee.

It was like another Christmas yesterday, as we received gifts from typographer and ljs. YAY. I have to be REALLY careful with LJS's cookies, because they are TOO FREAKING GOOD and I could eat the whole box without stopping.

Speaking of things which are too freaking good, I don't know how it is that queenofattolia makes ordinary strawberry jam (not usually one of my favorites) into THE BEST JAM EVER, but she does. I heap it on English muffins and the jars are too small.

A couple weeks ago I saw these boots at Famous Footwear, 50% off, but they only had two pair left -- one a size 10 (too big) and the other size 7 (too small). I tried on the 10s and they were REALLY comfortable but slipped in the heel; too loose! I need size 9 or even 8.5. So I came home and started looking around the Internet. Couldn't find them for anywhere near the price Famous had them for, and when I DID, they were likewise out of size 9 in black. But I persevered, and finally found 'em on eBay for only a few bucks more than the price Famous had. Woot.

Our Pac NW office (in DuPont) was closed today. I hope all my friends up there are all right!

I'd run the weight ticker, but I've only lost one pound, so it hasn't moved any yet...