April 29th, 2011


Friday Night Has Come

Which means Doctor Who is tomorrow. *iz excited*

Job news was at least not horrible -- we get our "employee selection guides" on Monday, which is a form we have to fill out to keep our jobs. Since our unit is down to about eight people and they will need 54 imaging employees (50 regular, 4 specialists), we assume all of us have jobs no matter what we write in our ESGs. HOWEVER, since I'll be trying for one of the 4 specialist positions, I have to just hope I can get the bump up -- but I'll be happy enough with a plain lateral move. They'll at least TELL us by May 12, I hope.

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I feel often that I should read A Game of Thrones and the rest of the series, but firstly I'd have to find all of Barb's copies, and secondly move it to the very top of a stack of, um, ten or so books I deliberately set aside "to read next."

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I must make scones tomorrow morning, because we have jam to taste.


And what a good way to watch Doctor Who (even in America), than with scones and jam?

So far, I have to say that while I don't usually do much (anything) with Facebook, it has, for me, been pretty good -- I've gotten in touch with a lot of people I actually WANTED to hear from again, and recently found an old roommate from college I've wanted to touch bases with again. Nifty.