March 28th, 2011

Halloween Cat

So, that was interesting

In a Chinese sense.

Yesterday afternoon I started to have a stomach ache. Center of the stomach, I thought, honestly, it's just a little gas. But it kept hurting, and getting worse and worse, and while I struggled to continue doing what I was doing (laundry, getting ready for dinner, the usual Sunday stuff), I found myself curled up on the sofa whimpering. I couldn't even straighten up. Finally Barb worried enough to take me to the emergency room (there are odd red blood spots in my eyes), and by that time I could barely see straight it hurt so bad. I got taken in pretty quickly (nice words for St. Joe's in Phoenix) and given a quick check by a nurse practitioner, who asked questions and prodded a little and figured best test for gall bladder. So I move from waiting area to waiting area, first getting blood drawn (good nurse, I didn't faint) and other bodily fluids, then a sonogram, where I couldn't even lay down easily, and turning on my side was agony.

Then waiting for test results. To which... all negative. I'm perfectly healthy. Fortunately, I was also by this time tanked up on vicodin and an anti-nausea medicine, so I went home and went to bed and woke up feeling generally better, so I went to work; I didn't eat much today and only drank water, and I still feel iffy but at least I can stand upright. The emergency staff recommended me seeing my own doctor, so I'm going to do that; and the red spots in my eyes have swarmed up my irises, but they don't hurt at all, so I don't know whether to be concerned about them or not (probably, but why worry?).

Every time I don't feel well there's nothing wrong with me and I end up spending a lot of money on tests that say "you're perfectly healthy."

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