February 10th, 2011

Halloween Cat

Back to Work

So much for posting every day.

Yesterday was back to work and a cold. Dang it, I don't want a cold, so I'm fighting it by attempting to ignore it. But when I'm sick I just feel too tired and weak to work out, so there goes my last week at this gym.

Did I mention I got an email from my gym informing me that the Indian School branch (the one I go to) will be closing? Yes, indeed, and they're upgrading me to a premium membership, so I can work out in any of their locations. The closest ones are in Cave Creek (about an hour's drive) and Mesa (ditto, or longer, depending on traffic). Whee. Time to find a new gym, which will never be as cheap as this one was.

There's nothing better than seeing a kitten try to make a jump, scramble, and fall in the toilet bowl. *snicker* Well, sure, then you have to clean up little wet footprints as there is a mad dash for the door, but still.

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Doctor Master OTP

I really need to make some new icons

My problem is, I love all the ones I have so I'm not sure what I'd rotate out.

I still can't remember the perfect thing I'd thought of to give to my wife for Valentine's Day. It wasn't anything big or fancy or expensive, it was just RIGHT. Dang it.

Saturday is the big VNSA Book Sale here in Phoenix, one of the greatest things about this neck of the woods. I'd like to go, provided other folks in my intrepid group are willing to get up early on Saturday to go with me (and I can shake this cold). I want to find a copy of the out-of-print Harpo Speaks for cheap, if I can; otherwise I don't really have anything specific item I'm looking for, and goodness knows (from experience), if you go in there without a plan it can be VERY dangerous. (For the pocketbook as well as shelf space.)

I love an episode of Big Bang Theory when I laugh out loud.

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I have been exceedingly lazy the last few weeks. I haven't written anything, haven't done anything of value (knitting doesn't count), all I do is piddle around on the Interwebs and watch television. I haven't even done any significant baking -- I even lost one of the pumpkins I'd put up because the jar didn't seal properly and I had to throw it out. *sigh*