January 11th, 2011


Just when I thought things were going to turn around

I came out after work and my tire was a little low. Okay, no problem; I drove it up to the roof of our parking garage and filled it at the air hose we have up there and went to Costco to have them check it and rotate my tires. Hung around at Costco for a while until got bored and went out to see what was taking so long.

The lug hubs were falling out. Literally. When they tried to tighten them on the front tires they just dropped out. Okay, I need two of them, but Costco doesn't do that. So we get the truck to the nearby Sears Auto Center with just three nuts tightened on the right front. They pull it in and look at it, saying it's going to be around $50. Cool.

No. Turns out that year's Suburban (1988) doesn't have just single lugs, all five are attached to a hub, and the entire hub needs to be replaced. Quick check of inventory says they don't have it, and they'll have to do the job tomorrow (it is by now nearly 6. I get off work at 3:15). Okay. And it's gonna cost more. *gloom* Okay. I call Barb and get taken home.

Only to find our stupid dog has eaten the head off my Timmy the ThinkGeek Monkey. Hit by this final straw, I stupidly burst into tears.


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Barb will have to take me to work tomorrow, since there is no longer a bus route/schedule that will get me there by 7 am. *gloom*

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I got all my new yarns. Will attack this bounty soonish; but have been struggling to understand the directions/diagrams for this "eyelet butterflies" square: "... add on 5 sts (figs. 8a & b), turn work, insert right needle under 6 horizontal strands, YO and draw up st..." I think I may now see what I did wrong, and will have to try again.

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So now I've had some dinner, a cup of tea, and have relaxed some. I don't get paid until Friday, at which time all of this would have been merely an inconvenience instead of an OMG I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY situation, which it kinda is today.

So now I'll tackle that knitting problem and then maybe a long hot bath (it's still surprisingly cold for Phoenix).