October 24th, 2010

Halloween Cat

I am, as often happens, without title

For my Nano, not just this post.

Basic synopsis: Young man comes back home to Arizona and gets new apartment overlooking cemetery. He is a magick sensitive, which means he can see and sense magic, and that includes ghosts. One ghost doesn't belong to that cemetery, which was closed in the early 90's; but she thinks she died in 2003. Danny has to help her solve her own murder so she can move on.

Very simple, very basic. I just need a title.

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We spent the day digging in the dirt and doing house stuff (laundry, etc.), then shopping for Barb's mom and looking around for a new Cornucopia to replace our old one. We got some really pretty new gourds and Indian corn at the grocery store, but a quick stop at both Tuesday morning and Micheal's shows that while it's not even Halloween, it's all Christmas already. (There's almost NOTHING Halloween-related left at either store, and nothing at all for Thanksgiving.) I also put up a few Halloween things, although I have not set up my Spooky Town this year. It just came too fast!

We also spent some time bemoaning the fact that Cold Stone Creamery no longer has really good waffle cones and wondering where we could find an ice cream place that DOES have good cones as well as good ice cream, and pondering whether or not to use my mom's Anniversary gift of a Red Lobster gift certificate for dinner tonight...