October 23rd, 2010

Halloween Cat

Caturday Again, Finally Autumn

The weather has FINALLY changed in Phoenix, and it's now the time of year that makes people move here. It was unbelievably beautiful today, cool and slightly cloudy with a gentle breeze, it's all good. We headed out to restock the all-important cat food supply, where I played with kittens at Petsmart (darling little thing settled into my hand and acted as though she'd never leave), then to Trader Joe's, where I spent a great deal of money for basic essentials (didn't even get any wine!) and a few treats, like Whoopie Pies for dessert tonight and dark chocolate almonds with the sea salt and cocoa dusting that Barb loves so.

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I whipped up a chicken tikka masala for dinner, served over rice, and Barb made a super awesome slaw with a yogurt-based dressing, and I baked crunchy-crusted rosemary rolls. All was very nommy.

Cairo is doing his "I am adorable, worship me" exercises on his cat-scratcher cardboard.

We hauled a lot of crap to Goodwill today, too. Closet still needs to be cleaned out thoroughly. It will happen. Clean ALL the things. Although it may not happen before DisneyWorld. We shall see.

But now that it's cool and I'm feeling better, I might even pull out some Halloween decorations, none of which I've touched this year yet (100 degrees just doesn't make me feel very Halloween-y).

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Am still recovering somewhat, I think, but I definitely feel better.

(I will be SO HAPPY when the election is over... I am so tired of the fear-mongering hate ads, from both sides, and I almost--ALMOST--don't care who wins!)