September 23rd, 2010

Halloween Cat

Day 24, Today

I really didn't mean to not post for four days while doing this little task.

Things I meant to ponder about:

I listened with some amount of... well, astonishment to a story on NPR about the world leaders getting together to discuss the rules of online warfare, and what would constitute "illegal" moves and what would be "legal," and I couldn't help but ponder the radical thought that, perhaps, ALL war was a bad thing and it floors me, as it has always done, that men have these kind of talks...

I stopped at CostCo this afternoon to pick up my prescription and finally broke down and bought myself a pair of the embroidered capris that had been calling me for a while; I usually don't like capris, but these are very cute and they fit REALLY well! Plus, I finally have a pair of nice sandals that actually fit and look nice, so there it is.

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