August 22nd, 2010

Halloween Cat

Holy Crap

HOW is it possible that it's past 9 PM on Sunday already?!?!

A lovely, productive weekend for me. Yesterday I turned 46 (thanks to all for the well-wishes!), I ate a great deal of lovely Greek food, was serenaded by the whole restaurant (it's a family place, with a LOT of regular customers and a super-nice owner, who gave me a shot of Ouzo), and got some wonderful gifties, as well as the Giant Chocolate Cake from Costco, and I've nearly restocked my wine rack, which had been nearly empty.

We finally reupholstered the chairs in the dining room (see rahirah's post).

Yet I do not feel I accomplished anything for it being this late in the day, dang it. I could have sworn it was earlier, and yet...

Well, it was a good weekend, anyway. Maybe when it's no longer as hot as the molten surface of the sun, I'll have a little more energy to get some things done, like some cleaning or something. I wanted to do more today but, seriously, blah. (Here it is past 9 and it's 96 degrees out there, with 38% humidity. Blah, indeed.)
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