August 17th, 2010

Sexy Elvis

In the Wide Random World of Thinkiness

I haven't been posting much because I have been mildly down for a while and I'm tired of posting only when I'm feeling whiney and depressed. Especially when my problems are pretty danged weenie when compared to other folks (I went so far as to look up therapists in the local Gay Friendly listings, and found several good ones, but the $100 a session sort of made me back down from actually contacting any of them).

Random thought #1: A couple of days ago I felt angry toward, well, pretty much all organized religions when I saw a perfectly nice-appearing Muslim couple at the grocery store, crossing the parking lot. HE was dressed in light khakis, and open cotton shirt, and sleeveless under shirt, with sandals. SHE was in a full head scarf and hijab, covered from her forehead to her toes, with only her face showing, and I couldn't help but think to myself, "Why is it the WOMEN must always show modesty and not the men?" Especially since it was 110 F out there and extremely sticky.

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Now there's a ghost story starting to take shape in my head. Not sure if I should start working on it or save it for NaNo, which means I should finish the fluff I've been playing with (in which I write like Margaret Atwood, according to the writer's meme); it's at least fluff with story, even if it requires spending a lot of time on Google Satellite, since I've never been to that part of South Dakota--I was in an extreme magnification on the map and scrolling around below a river bottom and suddenly something large and blue showed up. I thought, "What's that?" and realized the "river bottom" I'd been looking at was merely a small tributary; the big blue thing was the FREAKIN' MISSOURI RIVER--anyway, times like that research bogs me down.

The ghost story, should it actually develop more plot, could be at least marketable. Opening line:

His apartment looked out over the graveyard.

Of course, I'd leave those words out of the final count if I did save it for Nano. I had another idea for NaNo fluff, though, so if Ghost Story comes out, I'll let it. It's not hard to crank out words. Not even a little.

I saw a coyote squashed on the side of the 143 coming home today. I was torn between "poor thing!" and "hey, that's a coyote!"

Ooo, I just heard thunder. There's a monsoon storm out there. I started out with Bo on his walk and about forty feet from the house, the hot wind suddenly dropped about 15 degrees into a relatively cool wind. It didn't rain, though (sprinkled a little); maybe it will rain now.