August 10th, 2010


Am no longer in the "know"

Honest to God, I thought the kid's name was Justin BEAVER (which I blame on Craig Ferguson's accent... and my own complete and total lack of knowledge). I'd probably know better if I still watched Ellen, but they moved her an hour earlier and I have only so much space on the DVR.

I went to get a new wallpaper from My Coke Rewards, and signed in, did everything I was supposed to do, and got the thing that said "your wallpaper has been sent to your phone." It's still not there. Rats. Will have to call customer service if it doesn't show up soon. (Of course, if I had ever figured out how to get things from my hard drive to my phone, it wouldn't be an issue -- and no, it's not a smart phone, it's a PHONE.)

Yeah, I'm kinda grumpy again today.

My "location" and "music" blocks below are exactly one pixel wide. I guess I'm not anywhere and listening to nothing.