August 8th, 2010

Halloween Cat

Posthumous Pardon

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In other news, the weekend is already over, but oddly enough, it was actually cool enough this evening for us to mow the back yard (a little warm, but not "OMG I'M GONNA DIE" as it has been); this was necessary as the rain from last weekend turned the yard into a waving prairieland. Poor Bo was trying to swim through the grass and I thought "Mmmm, not too hot. I'll try." And by golly, it wasn't horrid. We need to get a new edge trimmer, though, because the edges are still bad.

I actually went out to check for mushrooms; after a rain, a horrible spongy thing grows in Arizona yards which is toxic to everyone (like idiot dogs), and while I scream like a little girl when there are oversized insects around, I'm fine with pulling toxic fungus out of the yard and disposing of it where no one will be poisoned or traumatized by it.

On Friday I was coming home and 28th Street was completely closed off; I went around and checked the news to find out that an SUV loaded with teenagers had tried to pass someone stopped for a left turn, clipped them, rolled, and slammed into a wall and a yard; two of the kids died, all of them were badly hurt. Kids and driving is scary. God knows the worst accident I was ever in (knock wood) was caused by me thinking I knew it all behind the wheel when I was 16 years old. Sometimes when I think back on that, I'm truly lucky I made it, and maybe I learned something.

I'm having trouble getting my dragons to breed. I tried about seven times today and got one:

Adopt one today!