August 2nd, 2010

Sexy Elvis

Cherry Pie

There is a cherry pie in the oven. It smells good.

Although I had this on my wishlist at ThinkGeek, I found one very similar one at Costco for the same price this weekend, so now my lap is air-cooled by a nifty USB-powered fan.

I had to take my super-uber-sensitive cat to the vet for his checkup and vaccine boosters today, and he whined and cried from the moment I managed to trap him in his carrier pretty much until he came home and got out of it again. He was quite (more or less) when he was being examined, but he does tend to curl in on himself there and needs to be coaxed out. He weighs over FIFTEEN POUNDS (that's up three pounds from his last checkup). And seriously, he's a small cat. We need to work on his weight, and the vet actually suggested phasing out his dry food and giving him only regular wet meals, on a schedule, on the theory that cats benefit even more than humans from a low-carb diet. He also needs his teeth cleaned, but our vet thinks he's pretty healthy overall and probably just needs a cleaning, no extractions, and everything else is A-Okay.

Made a chicken soup from a stock made with the carcass of that Costco chicken, leftover mashed potatoes, brown rice, and snap peas. It was yummy.

Because there is nothing better: