May 24th, 2010

Halloween Cat

Dreams and LOST

I still haven't completely digested it.

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LOST went so late last night I didn't even try to get up early this morning. I hope I have the energy to work out a little this afternoon. Weight is blah, blah, blah (175).

I sometimes think I ought to go to a therapist.

Oh, I liked Doctor Who this weekend, too. Good Silurian story, yay for the classic monsters. Eleven is coming into his own, but I think Amy is starting to be quite as annoying as Tegan... I really like Rory, though.

I wrote a little, got a new scene done, and am attempting to make sure it fits more or less seamlessly into the whole.

It's the last week in May and the HIGH in Phoenix yesterday was 79. Strange, strange weather.

I had to have front brakes done on the truck Friday, then bought cat food & some dog supplies (which Bo found on his own and devoured most of while we were at dinner Friday night--at least it was his own stuff, even if I would have liked for it to last a little longer), went shopping on Saturday, roasted a chicken for dinner, watched Shakespeare in Love, then vegged on Sunday watching S3 of Deep Space Nine (Kirk/Picard? Heh. CISCO ROCKS). Exciting weekend wrap-up.

Monday. What can I say?

Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today! * Adopt one today!

Halloween Cat

There have been many Monday nights

This one's not too bad.

Thanks to cornerofmadness for the nifty sunglasses!

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I'm depressed again. Not sure why. Been pondering LOST all day. Was considering taking some "Me" time this week, but with half the crew gone and the other half sick, I don't see it happening. I want gooey pizza. Instead bought a nice thin crispy crust with chicken. But have eaten far too many of my chocolate-chip crack peanut-butter cookies. Still want more and am NOT hungry. Must discourage this.