May 16th, 2010

Favorite Doctor

Monday has no right to come so close to Sunday

How can the weekend be over already?

I did accomplish a few things -- laundry, most notably -- but on the whole, the main thing I appeared to have done this weekend was eat. A lot. I am a beached whale. (Although I haven't brought the last load of laundry in off the line yet, and I have a load I want to take to the laundromat because I want it tumble-dried; my dress and leggings actually NEED to be tumbled and shrunk back into shape--note to self, buy leggings that fit too tight in the store because they WILL stretch out--I don't dry things flat often enough.)

Dreyer's ice cream is okay, but it's not as good as some. I thought maybe a full half-gallon would be better than a pint (and for servings, it is; it encourages me to get a bowl instead of just eating out of the carton), but it's just a little bland. *sigh* I found there IS still a Baskin-Robbins open near here. Woot. (I think I may be giving up the whole "lose weight" thing -- I suck.)

I didn't get a lot of writing done, but I got in a little research and some minor editing, and now am working on adding the scene I wanted to add. I went searching for any tornadoes in the San Antonio area in 1943, but apparently records were either not kept then, or there was nothing of major interest. So since it's an alternate universe anyway, I'll just say there was one in MY world.

Speaking of alternate universes, I have discovered and fallen in love with Fringe. I suppose that means it will now be canceled, like FlashForward--although FOX, oddly, has proven to be better at keeping shows than some other networks (*hates ABC* Seriously, in the last couple of years? The Nine, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money, Cupid--and that's counting BOTH the original and the remake--Pushing Daisies, the forgotten, Better Off Ted... they even got me to start loving the updated Scrubs: Med School and that's going away now, too... *sigh*).

This week's Doctor Who was excellent. I think the new crew is finally getting its sea legs. I am happy with Eleven, and most especially with Amy's Choice.

It's hot. Freakin' hot. It was cooling down but it was still hot when I took Bo around the park. Bleah. I guess I'm going to just retire to air conditioning and cold baths when it gets REALLY hot. Stupid summer. I'm over it now. Maybe, though, because of the long winter, we can actually go camping this year. I'm SO needing a mountain retreat. Oh please oh please oh please.

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