May 8th, 2010


Caturday is a marvelous day

The only trouble with sleeping in is it makes the day go by so FAST!

We have achieved the time of year when I question the wisdom of having bought a leather sofa. My, it's hot today, and supposedly it didn't officially hit 100 today (it's 94 now, at 5:30, so it probably didn't -- officially). What am I going to do when it REALLY gets hot? I had to pull out my padded laptop desk 'cause it's definitely too hot to have the computer directly on my legs -- especially since I decided this afternoon while making dinner that shorts were in order, only to find that the shorts I wanted to wear had been the victim of a HAIRBALL ATTACK (along with my pajamas and other bits of CLEAN, FOLDED clothing).

Haven't done a lot with the day, but I got some dusting and most of the laundry done, we did the grocery shopping for Barb's mom, got cat food for Mr. Picky (the hairball culprit), and dinner is in the pot (mixed bean & sausage soup).

Arizona, ha ha.

OMG, Nashville. Now, I have had my arguments with Nashville and what they have started laughingly calling "country" music, but as the song says, "it's the home of country music, on that we all agree." And yes, I realize that mourning the possible loss of some historic instruments, the Ryman floor, and the ARCHIVES is not the same as the human life that's been lost, but this is something that does hit home for me. But my heart does go out to the people who have sustained such horrible losses, all through Tennessee and the South, especially those who never got flood insurance. Final line of a very heart-wrenching article in the NY Times: There is a charming expression in the South — when someone says he’ll see you soon, you respond, “God willing and the creeks don’t rise.” I finally get it. Yikes.

Today's Dr. Who, no spoilers: Best Dr. Who episode since "Fires of Pompeii." I enjoyed it immensely and it made me VERY happy to see Eleven really starting to be his own Doctor. "Library card," hee. I hope this really starts to continue and keeps up to this level. This was a Doctor Who episode, where Eleven acted like THE DOCTOR -- his own Doctor. Brilliant.

Arizona's senator makes me so angry sometimes, I can't see straight... and the guy who wants to unseat him is EVEN WORSE. AIEEE.