April 16th, 2010

Halloween Cat


Let's see... nutmeg3 assigned me the color green. I'm not sure exactly of the rules, but I'll just go with it and see what happens.

1) 'Tis my favorite color, so I have many things. I have two different green sweaters I adore, one knitted with a pattern of Celtic knots, the other with Shamrocks. They're both lightweight but warm, and I love them.

2) My vibrant green Converse sneakers, the first pair of Converse I bought. (We don't need to discuss how many pairs I have NOW...)

3) Peridots, the pale green stone which is also my birthstone.

4) My collection of green earrings, from many real peridots to emeralds and nearly every shade inbetween.

5) Eye-piercing lime green anything; the only thing I have currently in that particular shade is a cute top scattered with tiny silver skulls and roses.

6) Limes. Not only are they a pretty color, but they taste nommy, too, especially in soda (both Diet Coke and club soda).

7) My favorite lime-green dress with the silver sequins, scrunched sides, and V-neck.

8) The platinum and synthetic emerald ring my lovely wife gave me for Valentine's Day.

9) My sage-green hand-woven poncho I bought a few years back at the Renaissance Festival.

10) Mike Nesmith's wool hat. I learned to knit 'em and made several for myself, which I actually wore (in Phoenix, yet) for a couple of years.

Want a color? Just ask.
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