August 21st, 2009

Halloween Cat

Keep your fire burning

Seen at the bottom of an Op-Ed piece in the NY Times:

Barack Obama is the president of the United States.

Because most readers of the NY Times won't know who this guest writer is, I'm assuming.

Yesterday morning I was getting into my truck when I heard the familiar and distinctive sound of a raven's voice. I waited, because I could hear him getting nearer, and then he wheeled around close to the house and came back to perch in the pine tree in the neighbor's yard. I watched him for a while as he hopped from branch to branch. The mockingbirds regarded him warily, prepared to defend their turf (which that tree has always been), but he eventually flew off toward our backyard. I lost sight of him behind the fence, and then had to go to work. Is keen.

The other day at the gym (actually last week -- I've been VERY slack this week), in their always mostly lame music mix playing on the loudspeakers, there was a strange pop-rap mix of, of all things, "The Lonely Goatherd" from The Sound of Music. It freaked my freak.

I loaded my Showtunes playlist onto my iPod and have been listening this week. One problem with iPod playlists is you can't shuffle them easily without shuffling everything (at least, not on my old one); so I've just been listening straight through, alphabetically. This means, in some cases, two versions of the same show back to back. Sometimes this is nice (Oliver! screen version and the 1994 Oliver! revival are one example); and sometimes it makes one show reflect badly off the other; in particular, Evita -- the movie version is very nice on its own, but directly after listening to the original stage recording, not only is Antonio Banderas decidedly not Mandy Patinkin (although really not too bad in the role), compared to the powerhouse vocalist that is Patti Lupone, Madonna sounds like a little girl auditioning for American Idol. (That "not being Mandy Patinkin" has so far been my only complaint about everything I've heard from the new version of Sunday in the Park with George...)

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