June 11th, 2009

Dale at RR

Thursday evening honky-tonkin'

I didn't get up this morning to work out. Feh. Decided for several reasons not to -- 1, Cuervo wanted FOOD NOW at 4 a.m., and when I finally got up to accommodate him, I decided I was too tired to get up in half an hour and my headache was back, and 2, since I'm going out late tonight, I wanted to get a little more sleep. So I did.

Oops, I haven't made the lentils for tomorrow (June birthday lunch at work).

In the realm of memes:

You Are White Tea

You are quite delicate and very sensitive. You are easily overwhelmed.

Peace and serenity are important to you. You shy away from intensity of any sort.

You appreciate a simple quiet moment. You can relax easily without feeling bored.

You take the time to enjoy life. Even when things are busy, you make the time.

I decided against doing the Hugo meme, because there are shockingly few of those books I've actually read. Yikes. I totally suck as an SF nerd. (I've always been a little more of a fantasy nerd, anyway -- I noticed that MOST of the ones on the list I HAVE read tend to be the more fantastical ones or are heavy on the character interaction with a SF background -- like the Vorkosigan books.)

Must cook!