April 1st, 2009

Halloween Cat

I haven't posted in a while

Mostly because I haven't had anything much to say. It's been a lot of same-as-yesterday going along, only now I have even MORE Amish bread starter. Anyone local who likes to bake?

Unable to figure out how to keep my chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom of my bread, I ground them up so chocolate SHAVINGS permeate the bread. Success! (And yes, I coated them with flour first.)

Greatest Geek Toy Ever I adore Think Geek. I wish I had limitless funds so I could get all the silly toys and shirts I want from here (and for gifts as well as for me!).

I have no ideas for a good April Fool's day joke, unlike the article posted by sillymagpie or the "bomb" my wife rahirah dropped on her fans. Mostly today went by like every other day, ah, well. They were talking about some of the great pranks of the past, including Taco Bell's announcement in 1996 that it had bought the Liberty Bell, which would now be known as the "Taco Liberty Bell," NPR's Talk of the Nation reporting in 1992 that Nixon was going to run for President again, and the BBC's 1957 "Swiss Spaghetti Harvest." For today, the Guardian has announced that they will be the first to publish exclusively in Twitter, including transferring their archives to Tweets - of course, I can't find that article now. (But I did find a whole site dedicated to them!)

Pictures taken at our Greeley, CO, office during the blizzard last week:

This is definitely the time of year to live in Phoenix. The weather has been wonderful, windy days aside. Yesterday a queen bee, moving her swarm, decided to take up temporary housing in our pine tree, causing me and our neighbors much concern until advice from the Bee Man I called said she was probably just passing through, and unless the bees were "clumping together," there was no cause for alarm. He was right -- they were gone within the hour.

When I watch stuff on the world economic crisis, I can't help but pause and be thankful that this didn't happen until Barb and I were both in stable, reasonably secure jobs, with very little unsecured debt remaining, two paid-off cars and, knock wood, few problems. Still, I don't have anywhere NEAR the recommended "six months' worth of pay saved" - I'm just counting it a plus that I no longer have to live paycheck to paycheck. I just wish sometimes I had a better understanding of why economics work like they do. Supply and demand is comprehensible enough, but this amazing domino effect is hard to figure.


Should I have a glass of wine tonight? Hmmmm, perhaps. The lightly tart Reisling will go well, I think, with the potato-leek soup I'm making. Next time I make Italian, I got a nice imported bottle of Chianti to try (I'm big on the "sweet-tart" white German wines, Reislings and Gewurtz; and I love Italian sparkling wines, but I'm always willing to try others).

The Dragon site has been having trouble, so no new eggs. I'm getting the DTs.

I love seeing the Obamas standing next to Queen Elizabeth. (I absolutely adore our First Lady. Michelle rocks. The British are astounded that she doesn't carry a handbag.)