November 24th, 2008

Halloween Cat

Catchin' up on the ol' TIVO day

Plus laundry. Updates on the list:

Writing: 29,097

Actual pounds gained: 4 (far better than I expected)

Some laundry done, I've gotten through all the animation, NCIS, and Criminal Minds; catching up with Bones now. (Now, Bones may not be very good lately, but despite that I still find Boreanez wonderful to watch in this show. This role suits him so much better than Angel did, much as I loved that show...) I need to go through all the DVDs sitting on the shelf from Netflix, too. Ah, me and TV. The eternal love affair.

Next I have to go shopping and get the turkey. Should do that shortly before the rest of the vultures land.

And I almost forgot...

Birds seen: THOUSANDS. Florida and the Caribbean are the best places in the world for the amateur bird watcher. I should have gone armed with the bird books so I could identify them all.

Today's clumsy act: I was getting a 12-pack of Diet Coke out from under the buffet and knocked over an entire brand-new fifth of Jack Daniels. It shattered and the dining room now smells like whiskey. Well, at least that's a reasonably pleasant smell.

I need to drag my gown over to the dry cleaners at some point, and otherwise, things are getting back to normal. I go back to work tomorrow; and I slept pretty well last night despite the cat who missed me to distraction ("Yes, Cairo, I'm home. I can't pet you every second of the day and night") and the continued lack of comforting creaking of the ship (not to mention I didn't have any trouble with my allergies AT ALL the entire time I was at sea, except when Mom wore that lotion that made me sneeze).