November 22nd, 2008

Halloween Cat

Home again, naturally

Actually, not quite home. Back in Florida, with free Internets.

Words: 23,993 (Yikes. I have to spend the next 8 days writing furiously.)

Countries visited: 4 (Mexico, Belize, Honduras, the Bahamas)

Mayan temples seen: 1

Jaguars seen: 1 (in a zoo)

Things bought: Many

Beaches walked: Two

Freakin' cold days at sea: Two

Chances to log on while on board ship: 0

Food eaten: A whole hell of a lot

Drinks: Many

Fun Ship shows seen: At least six

Insane night of crazy dancing: At least one

Cruise Director crushed on: 1 (more on this in a moment)

Really embarrassing moment: 1 (silver gown, time of the month, put it together)

Massages had: Three (with three different therapists telling me I REALLY need to ease the tension in my shoulders somehow, because they couldn't fix it -- lots of suggestions there. I need to see if I can find the therapy oils that were recommended for less than $60 a bottle)

Key Lime Pies tried: 3 (two good, one very iffy)

Pounds gained: Afraid to check, but will do when I get home (assume approximately 1,000,000); every night was two appetizers, a main entree and dessert (all top-notch, first-class chef preparations). At least with three huge squares I wasn't really snacking at all... *fat*

Opinion of cruise: Marvelous! Even though it was really cold at sea (apparently a cold snap across Florida stretched down all the way to Honduras), the days on the islands were wonderful; and it's really hard to beat living in a big, luxury hotel where everything except alcohol and soda is free for the taking (including room service), at almost all hours of the day and night, and when you wake up in the morning the hotel is in a different exotic local for you to explore. The seas were a little choppy a couple of days (I think Mom actually got a little seasick), but on the whole, I enjoyed the heck out of it. The cute Cruise Director was a plus.

Then we get back and I call my wife and find out my dog has diabetes. How am I supposed to save up for future cruises with these derned aminals? Well, I'll do it somehow. I want to go on a cruise with my wife. Although not specifically a gay cruise, I noticed at least two gay couples and one lesbian couple on board.

Anyway, when we got back, Mom and I went to Sea World again. Mom, who actually was pretty tame on the ship due to the choppy ride (she went to sleep early, even), returned to normal as soon as we hit land and all the lovely relaxing I'd done the last seven days vanished as she dragged me all over creation testing out the new Christmas present she got for me and Barb...

Collapse )

Back to the Cruise Director. He was this outgoing, gregarious, smiling beanpole, well over six feet and all arms and legs, who loved to sing and dance, and just looked (and acted) way more like Sean Patrick than David Tennant does. Except for the really pronounced Minnesota accent, of course. It was obvious to me that if Sean Patrick had not been born to wealth in 1863, he would have been a cruise director. Appears to be the perfect job for him.

I know I had more to say, but I'm getting tired now. I suppose I'll have a little jet lag, but heck, it's only two hours difference (the ship stayed on Eastern Time the whole time).

Back to Real Life (tm). I'm happy and sad...

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