November 14th, 2008

Halloween Cat

Drive-by update

Words I have managed: 18,786

Mother kept up with: 0

Okay, Floridians, laugh at me, but the coolest thing I EVER SAW was a tree filled with roosting egrets. It was like a blanket of snow!

Sea World is awesome. We were only there two hours but managed to see the Sea Lion & Otter show (cute!!!), the Pet Show (OMG, ded of cuteness), and Shamu's Christmas Show (twilight, so it was lights and music, too).

The Hilton here has free wireless, WIN.

THERE IS A SHUTTLE LAUNCH TONIGHT!!!! OMG!!!!eleventy! I had never never ever in my wildest imagination thought there would be a launch the ONE NIGHT I'm in Orlando! We have to find a place from here where we can watch it go up.

Sad note: Totally unable to get down to Disney to meet up with nutmeg3. We tried, though; I just didn't want to subject Mom to the traffic at night. She's insanely energetic, but doesn't like driving at night, and sometimes driving with her at night is heart-rending for me, since she's the freakin' Little Old Lady from Pasadena and apparently assumes she is the only driver on the road, or that everyone else will stop for her.

We're gonna go down to the hot tub tonight. Hmmm, hot tub.

Tomorrow the ship leaves port, and I may or may not check in while on board. I hope to be able to get some writing done (crossed fingers); it depends on if Mom will light in one spot long enough for me to write (she's agitating to get moving now).

ETA: AND OMG, the humidity! I had my hair perfectly straight when I left Phoenix. sillymagpie, if you think your hair is poofy back home, you ain't seen NOTHIN'! I am thoroughly frizzed!