November 11th, 2008

Halloween Cat

Now is the perfect time to start panicking!

I cribbed this from the lovely jennawaterford:

I do so like Keith Olberman...

But because that one's serious, if you want a laugh, go look at the one that rahirah just posted.

I have tried several times, but I cannot pack everything into one suitcase. I have to go for two. I checked both the Carnival and the Southwest websites, and both allow two checked bags, so that should be all right. I'm not even going overboard (I think it's the shoes... But I need the green ones for the green dress and silver ones for the silver dress and sneakers and sandals and those burgundy velvet pumps that GO PERFECTLY with the burgundy velvet pants...).

Ah, if only I could go back to those carefree cowgirl days. One pair of boots was all I needed. *g*

It's going to rain in Belize and Cozumel on Monday, the day we're supposed to be in Cozumel; I hope it clears up in Belize by Tuesday, because we're signed up for the Belize Zoo (the weather site only has the forecast up through Monday). And one thing I don't have? Rain gear. Who the hell needs rain gear in Phoenix? I don't even have an umbrella. (Well, I think we have one somewhere, but I haven't used it in years.) At least it's warm tropical rain. The temperature average is 84 degrees.

I think I'm prepared. Maybe.

Only one baby left: Adopt one today!

I've had the worst luck with the orange ones! No more dragons (until I get back).

Written: 11,885/50,000

The problem I have is the middle; I obviously have my beginning and I know where it's going, but it's the getting there.

Changing the name of the protagonist in Chapter Four: Good idea or terrible? (There is a reason, and it's explained, not just done suddenly.)